BREAKING NEWS- Sara’s brand new commission celebrates the 400th year of Shakespeare’s first entire publication!

This week marks the anniversary of the printing of Shakespeare’s First Folio. Created back in 1623, 7 years after his death, it is now considered to be a defining moment in our history.

In celebrating this historic moment, Sara was approached by the Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust early on last year to design and make an exclusive and complete collection of jewellery inspired by the designs and illustrations on the borders of Shakespeare’s first printed and published works.

Sara was delighted to undertake such an elaborate commission and produced a series of pieces not only reflecting these motifs, but also celebrating the hand-cut nature of the wood blocks on which Shakespeare’s works were printed where she created a highly sculptural collection using heavily textured motifs and sculpted forms.

The collection was put into production over the summer and is now on sale at the Shakespeare’s Birthplace Shop.