School of Jewellery Awards 2019

For the past seven years, established maker Sara Preisler has given an award in her name to celebrate outstanding upcoming design from third year graduating students studying Jewellery & Related Products at BCU School of Jewellery. As we come to that time of year again we are delighted to announce that Sara has judged perhaps the finest set of collections to date, taking into consideration not only the craftsmanship of the final collection,  but the innovation and clear ideas demonstrated in the jewellery itself but outstanding practice throughout their time at University! There were so many fantastic collections this year, making Sara’s job incredibly hard so congratulations everyone!

We are delighted to announce that this years winner of The Sara Preisler Award for Realisation of Concept is….. Olivia Kane!

Olivia’s collection was truly unique and impressed everyone at this years ceremony. As part of this award, Olivia will receive a solo show at the Sara Preisler Gallery in 2020 – so make sure to keep updated with our newest exhibitions!