School of Jewellery Awards!

As a well established maker, Sara Preisler is internationally renowned for crafting and showcasing beautiful, contemporary handmade jewellery from the best designers from around the globe. For the eighth year in a row,  Sara has been asked to judge the final collections of third year BA students on the Jewellery and Related Products course at the School of Jewellery. This year has been a little different where all the students have had to submit their work via online portals and the degree shows taking place through social media which can’t have been easy, so congratulations to all the students!

The Sara Preisler Award for Practical Realisation of Concept is given to innovative graduating students who have demonstrated clear ideas and outstanding practise in their final projects and throughout their time at university. Not only will the award winner gain this accredited prize, but they will also receive a two month show at the Sara Preisler Gallery in 2021, so watch this space! Supporting upcoming designers is something Sara Preisler Gallery values highly and with the calibre of work improving every year,  we cannot wait to see what fantastic collections have been made!

Good luck to all third years!

The winner will be announced later next month, so keep your eyes peeled for all School of Jewellery Awards news…