Introducing our brand new seasonal exhibition ‘Honey’ which celebrates the dazzling colours found in summer’s nature.

Featuring our brand new ‘Grains of Glass’ collection, in which traditional lampwork glass beads are adorned on silver, in bold gradient colours. Accompanying this collection are pieces from our ever favourite ‘Printed Aluminium’ collection, the warm shades of oranges and gold complimenting the warm tones within the ‘Grains of Glass’ pieces while the contrasting ‘Fresh Air’ design makes everything pop with colour.

We are very excited to welcome you all to our Stratford-Upon-Avon galley and see our wonderful exhibition, which is running until the end of July.

Past exhibitions include:

Jubilee Gardens

Jubilee Gardens

As we approach a momentous occasion this year in the UK, our new seasonal exhibition is all about encapsulating the very essence of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Featuring a range of sophisticated contemporary collections including Sara’s very own ‘Rome’ collection. Fit for royalty, each piece is loosely based on the Laurel Crown worn by Roman Emperors and carved from precious metals of silver and gold vermeil. Alongside delicate hand embroidered butterflies and bold, sunset stripe pieces from our Painted Resin collection, the display is surrounded by a beautiful meadow of red, white and blue flowers; all of which bloom here in the UK.

Spring Awakenings

Spring Awakenings

As we step into Spring, with soft colours of the early mornings and delicate flowers blooming in nature, we welcome our own brand new exhibition which celebrates the new blossoming season.

Featuring a range of sophisticated contemporary collections including Sara’s very own ‘Hearts and Stripes’ collection, in which elegant gold vermeil and striking oxidised silver, meets the bold colour and geometric lines of our brand new ‘Painted Resin’ pieces. Alongside this, inspiration is taken from nature itself with our embroidered brooches of wildlife here in the UK, and hand painted fused glass decorations and tealight holders, encapsulating woodland and floral designs.



As we have a cold and frosted start to 2022 we are dreaming of floral landscapes in this new years exhibition.

Featuring a stunning new contemporary collection taking inspiration from the elegant forms of nature. Bold statement pendants meet delicate earrings and elegant rings of Opal and Moonstone with sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil hand beaten into falling petals.

Twilight Eden

Twilight Eden

Our beautiful new ‘Twilight Eden’ Exhibition is finally here! Featuring a collection of brand new jewellery, these wonderful pieces echo form, colour and the natural qualities of the winter landscape.

Partnered with Sara’s very own award winning Papered Paisley; V&A Collection, the exhibition exudes a very festive & contemporary woodland feel!

All the works are made in silver & 22ct gold inlay with beautiful touches of colour highlighting the collection, this series is exclusive to us in the Midlands and Warwickshire.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

As we say hello to the season of cool evenings and golden leaves here at the Sara Preisler Gallery we are delighted to introduce our ‘Birds of a Feather’ exhibition, showcasing a range of stunning contemporary jewellery and craft.

Beautiful hand-crafted paintings, the latest in an on-going series called the ‘Stirchley Twitcher’ by Steven Earl Rogers, have been made in response to the ‘Birds of a Feather’ jewellery collection by Sara Preisler alongside beautiful carved wooden ducks from our ongoing collections.

The paintings echo the colours of the precious metals and peacock feathers used in the designs and are deliberately small and finely detailed to complement the delicacy of the jeweller’s craft. The ‘Birds of a Feather’ collection features carefully carved pieces of peacock feathers enveloped by elegant twisting strands of rose gold vermeil, resting on oxidised silver chains.

It is a truly breath-taking exhibition to behold and one that should not be missed

Running until Mid-November

Urban Spectrum

Urban Spectrum

As summer approaches here at the Sara Preisler Gallery we are delighted to present our ‘Urban Spectrum’ exhibition, showcasing stunning contemporary jewellery combining silversmithing with textile design.

This collection features stunning batik fabric that captures the textures and patterns of stonework, enclosed in a silver setting; the handcrafted nature of the fabric means that no two pieces are alike. Vibrant and bold colours make each piece of jewellery the perfect statement piece for any outfit. From unique pendants to matching earrings, there is something perfect for everyone.

Our exhibition is running until the end of August in both Birmingham and Stratford-Upon-Avon galleries.

Precious and Painterly

Precious and Painterly

Inspired by botanic gardens; the beauty of the plant life & the otherworldly, ethereal quality of glasshouses. The ideas for this exhibition come from outside the realm of jewellery;  illustration, great painters such as Monet and Klimt and old dioramic books.

Each new piece is utterly different from the last. Vivid paintings are built up inside layers of eco-resin; creating awesome depth and life within the pieces. These elements are combined with hand-worked silver, resulting in extraordinary creations for people with an eye for uncommon treasures.  

While the gallery is shut in Lockdown, all of these beautiful pieces can be ordered here.

The Art of Scarf!

The Art of Scarf!

In a brilliant collaboration with Greek designers Fetolia, this lockdown special month long exhibition ran in our Birmingham Gallery we are showcased the beautiful designs of this luxury scarf.

This exhibition was so successful, we have extended the collab and we now have this exquisite collection of silk scarves available to buy online and in the gallery as a regular feature!

This exhibition ran until the end of February 2021. 

All that glitters

All that glitters

Our Christmas show in Birmingham this year was a collection of beautiful hand sculpted petal jewellery.

Made from the finest porcelain, each element was hand gilded or painted with gold lustre glazes and assembled to form beautiful combinations of bold orchid type forms which moved in a breeze like way when worn.

This exhibition ran until the end of January 2021. 



Celebrating sustainable jewellery in all its forms, the ‘Verdigris ’ exhibition was a unique selection of hand-crafted pieces focusing on the cycle of a singular object by recent School of Jewellery graduate Grace Horler. 

Grace used a combination of natural elements and hard metals, reworked into a beautiful collection of contemporary art jewellery where she makes using discarded raw materials that are found on beaches and roadsides. This innovative way of sourcing and working with materials looks forward to discuss the power and importance of recycling and sustainability in what we wear and questions our notions of beauty. 

This exhibition ran until the end of November. 

"Bloom & Style"

“Bloom & Style”

This exhibition was an incredible collection of jewellery by upcoming designer Olivia Kane who won the accredited Sara Preisler Award for Practical Realisation last year!

For seven years now, Sara has given out this award for innovative design and to help support young designers who demonstrate clear talent and outstanding practice during their time at The School of Jewellery.

Focusing on sculpture, the skilful use of hand-carved wood and clever mix of semi-precious stones and geometric shapes wonderfully ties the natural with the man-made. All pieces on display are complete one-offs and all with a beautiful finished with flare, unique style and a beautiful soft palette . From oversized necklaces to ready to wear drop earrings, this brand new collection of jewellery was hand-selected by us and exclusive to Sara Preisler Gallery!

This exhibition ran until the end of July. 

"For Nostalgic Souls"

“For Nostalgic Souls”

This year we were delighted to present ‘For Nostalgic Souls’ a fantastic exhibition showcasing two collections. The first, a beautiful series of work hand-crafted by Sara Preisler exclusively for this exhibition. Hand Cut and forged shapes finished with touches of 24ct Gold Leaf, individually stamped letters and a palette of oxides that bring character to each piece with a subtle yet elegant nod to Valentine’s Day, Sara has re-worked some of her past collections from the last 25 years to create this unique range…

The second collection introduces pure colour to the gallery using printed detailing directly onto the metals. Our resident artist Hazel has infused her knowledge of colour and layering to create this superb collection of anodised aluminium jewellery – making each piece lightweight and contemporary.

With hints of romantic motifs such as hearts and flowers throughout both collections, there really is something for everyone, especially this Valentines Day…  This exhibition ran until beginning of March 2020.

''Star-Light''- Our Seasonal Exhibition

”Star-Light”- Our Seasonal Exhibition

‘Star Light’. A beautiful collaboration of intricate design and high quality finish, focusing on natural form found in geodes and the refraction of light.

Two unique interpretations, including a variety of large scale installation works and smaller sculptural pieces using an intricate hand-cut paper technique. The artist folds and layers simple sheets of paper, cutting into them to create the most stunning geometric designs and patterns taking inspiration from natural forming geodes and the frost that is typical to the seasons ahead.

Perfectly complimenting this beautiful series of work is an exquisite range of hand-crafted jewellery including organic pearls. Rich reds are balanced with a gold and silver palette to create a stunning selection of pieces that make the most perfect one of a kind gifts this season.

This exhibition ran until mid January 2020.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: "Seeking Autumn"

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: “Seeking Autumn”

This autumn at Sara Preisler Gallery we are showcasing two examples of traditional craft in contemporary form.

Our exhibition consists of two exquisitely made collections, from two designers featuring hand-carved wooden pieces, (materials sourced from National Trust managed woodland), to carefully made ceramic jewellery with seasonal colours highlighted with touches of gold. Each of these incredible collections have been especially made for us and are exclusive to The Gallery.
We look forward to you visiting us to view all these beautiful items created by some of the UK’s leading makers today!

This exhibition ran until mid November 2019.

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: "Hive"

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: “Hive”

Introducing ‘Hive’ – an exhibition showcasing outstanding work by a selection of award winning jewellers and ceramicists focusing on the flight and perspective of bees and insects!

These stunning collections interpret the theme in very unique ways, each with a very different technique and form however when pulled together create a series of work that is sure to stir up a buzz this season. From delicate vinyl cut our jewellery beautifully contrasting with more traditionally made silver floral pieces to a hand-chosen selection of ceramic items including the ancient Japanese method of Raku fired pots and the classic elegance of water colour pottery – delve into the world of the ‘Hive’ this summer!

This exhibition ran until the end of August 2019

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: "Inspiring Spaces"

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: “Inspiring Spaces”

Introducing ‘Inspiring Spaces’ Exhibition, a collection of work by upcoming designers who won the accredited Sara Preisler Award for Practical Realisation of Concept whilst completing their BA in Jewellery and Related Products course at The School of Jewellery.

Invited by Sara to create an outstanding summer exhibition, their work reflects the creative quarter’s structured form and bursts of colour in the very latest jewellery designs. Showcasing first major collections, exclusive to Sara Preisler Gallery, this work delicately connects the urban world beyond the display to each carefully crafted piece of jewellery. Created using hand formed precious metals submerged in bold playful powder coated colours from rich blues to hot pinks, these intriguing shapes form a strong range of contemporary pieces unlike any other.

This exhibition ran until the end of June 2019

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: "Equinox in Spring"

Sara Preisler Gallery presents: “Equinox in Spring”

As Spring approaches, we bring you a brand new exhibition filled with vibrant colours and patterns!  Introducing ‘Equinox in Spring’ a beautiful new range of Printed Aluminium Jewellery, a hand-crafted selection of light-weight wearable pieces perfect for the spring months ahead.  With use of golds, greens and blues demonstrating unique shapes including many reversible pieces. Showcasing a variety of nature inspired floral patterns; this collection is one not to be missed! To shop this stunning new collection and take a closer look at all the outstanding work on display, visit the Gallery at The Custard Factory today!

This exhibition ran until the end of April 2019