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Birmingham Architecture Festival comes to The Sara Preisler Gallery E-mail
Friday, 24 May 2013 12:07

Sara Preisler, Jewellery Designer & Gallery Owner creates a series of sculptural pieces sketching a view of three of the city’s leading architectural firms

Opening times: 11am-5pm Monday-Saturday

Show ends June 1st 2013

In being approached for this festival, I wanted to create a few sketches of my thoughts as a lay person and resident user of the city. I really love the real life approach the festival reflects and wanted to reflect my thoughts along these lines also.

As a jewellery designer-maker, working in one of the older parts of the city, I wanted to reference people who were working, or whose work is around me influencing the flux of the city today. I wanted to focus on the creative directive of contributing agencies to the sense of our lives ’life’ rather than the one-off beauties so frequently flaunted as ‘modern architecture’ to tempt us to destroy them with time.

In looking at BM3 Architecture, Glenn Howells Architecture and Bryant Priest Newman, I found them all award winning and successful, but as well as this I saw efficient and intelligent works constantly being produced. I feel their current influence on this city to be honest with a correct application of significance in their work, (contextualisation), and lastly, most essentially, a real sense of their consideration for content: the people for whom their work is designed.

For my pieces relating to these three architectural firms I deliberately wished to respond by ‘walking by’ in trying to capture an essence of their purpose and aesthetic, I wanted to create a 3-d sketch. I limited my production to three hours each piece to achieve this end.

Each piece is hand made in copper mounted on board.